The Purpose of Erick Public Schools is to help each student develop his/her abilities to the highest extent possible, so that he/she might become an effective member of society. 
The school should aid the young people of the community in acquiring habits, skills, attitudes, and basic knowledge to guide them in becoming desirable citizens in a democratic community and in assuming responsibilities and duties expected of an American citizen.  The curriculum should provide ample training in academic, physical and cultural development, as well as in industrial and vocational fields on both the secondary and adult levels.  The attainment of these purposes requires full cooperation of the school with all agencies in community life, for development and the welfare of the student.  The purpose, responsibility, and function of the Erick Public Schools is to direct the student to live among his fellowmen so that he will respect them and be respected by them in a conformity to the era in which he is now living and is likely to live in the years to come. 

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